How To Purchase

How to purchase with Missha Studio?

如何在 Missha Studio 官网下订单 ?

Follow the steps below to easily complete the order in Missha Studio.



1. Create an Account/ Log In

You must first register an account on Missha Studio Website. If you have already registered before, please log in to your account first so that you can perform the following steps.

首先必须先在 Missha Studio 的官网注册一个账号。如果你先前已经有注册过账号, 就记得先登入, 以便你可以进行以下的步骤操作。


2. How to add to shopping cart 

Enter Missha Studio website, you can select the product you like on the homepage, open the product page, select the size and colour of the product, click to add to the shopping cart, you can go to the upper right corner to click the shopping cart, and view the product you have purchase put in the shopping cart.

进入 Missha Studio 网站, 你可以在首页挑选你喜欢的商品, 打开商品页面, 选择商品的尺寸和颜色, 点击加入购物车, 你可以在右上角点击购物车, 并查看你选购的商品。

3. Shopping Cart

Click on the shopping cart and the page shown below will be displayed. Before you click check out, remember to check whether the size and colour are correct before placing an order.

点击购物车, 就会显示下图的页面。在 Check out, 下单前记得先检查尺寸和颜色是否正确, 才进行下单哦 !

4. Check Out 

When you press check out, the following picture will appear. Please fill in the information of your shipping address. If you have already filled in before, please remember to check if the address is correct. After the check is complete, you can press Continue Shipping to proceed to the next step. Then Figure 2 will appear, after confirming the information, press Continue to payment, and then you can pay!

当你按了 check out以后, 就会出现下图。请填写你配送地址的资料,如果之前已经填过,那请记得检查清楚地址是否正确。检查完成, 就可以按下 Continue Shipping 进行下一步骤啦。然后就会出现图二, 确定了资料就按下 Continue to payment, 接下来就可以付款啦 !













5. Payment

Next the following picture will appear, and then select the address. After confirming that the information is correct, it will jump to picture two, make the payment, confirm the amount of your payment, and then select your bank, fill in everything and confirm that the information is correct. You can pay by " Proceed ".

接下来就会出现下图,  然后选择好地址, 确认资料那些正确后就会跳转到图二,进行付款,确认你付款的金额,然后选择你的银行,一切填完以及确认资料正确后就可以按 Proceed 进行付款了。



6. Complete Order

When you come to this step, it proves that you have paid successfully !

For the last step, you just need to wait at home for your courier to come home and sign for it !

When you complete the order, it will appear, you can check the order details in the mailbox !




当你完成了订单, 就会出现下,你可以在邮箱里面查询订单详情哦!


Happy Shopping With Us ! Enjoy !